4 Year Old – Kangaroos

Our 4 Year Old program is 15 hours a week.

The 4 Year Old program provides a supportive learning environment, where children feel secure to develop social and emotional confidence, feel respected and valued. Embedded into these sessions are learning opportunities to link the community and celebrate diversity.

At this level play- based activities reflect the needs, interests and input from our children. This creates ownership and pride in what they are working on. This in turn encourages curiosity and discovery, which can lead to further investigations both individually and collaboratively.


4 Year old program

Tuesday and Fridays 8:30am – 4:00pm


3 Year Old – Koalas

Our 3 Year Old program is a total of 5 hours per week and is all about encouraging confidence in creating new social connections. Learning to listen, take turns and sharing form the basis of our program.  Our engaging activities encourage the development of physical coordination, self-esteem and creativity.  This forms the necessary skills in which to build upon and flourish when they enter the 4 Year Old program.


3 Year old program

Wednesday 11:00am – 4:00pm